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     Phenomenal service from Cleaning Company New Eltham. They did a full deep clean of our apartment and it was immaculate. Definitely recommend, fantastic from start to finish!
Finn W.19/07/2024
     Very fast and thorough service. They were incredibly quick to respond to my emails, arrived on time, and finished in a few hours. The steam-cleaned carpets look wonderful. I will definitely be using them again.
Kit Foster09/07/2024
     Very professional and superior service. Highly recommend.
Jeanne B.20/06/2024
     Happy as always. NewElthamCarpetCleaning provides excellent cleaning service.
     Quality service, would definitely recommend. Arranging fortnightly cleanings was swift and scheduling was easy.
Bianca Gill31/05/2024
     Impeccable results achieved through this top-quality cleaning service thanks to the dedication and hard work of our trusty cleaner.
Matt Carlin17/05/2024
     This incredible company continues to impress us with their top-quality service year after year.
David C.22/04/2024
     I am extremely satisfied with the high-quality end of tenancy clean provided by this team.
Brandon Peterson30/03/2024
     From start to finish, Carpet Cleaners New Eltham provided top-notch deep cleaning that left me feeling completely satisfied. It was such a relief to come home to a sparkling house after dealing with chaos from a bathroom renovation.
Chloe Nunez20/03/2024
     In terms of commercial cleaning, this is the company to call. We've hired them several times and they've always completed fantastic work for me. I'd recommend them to any business.
Helene R25/04/2023
     Incredible effort! Everything in my bathroom looks just like new thanks to NewElthamCarpetCleaners's hardworking cleaners who never miss an appointment.
F. Bruce23/02/2023
     When I heard how low their rates were, I didn't have the highest hopes on their cleaning capabilities. Did I ever stick my foot in my mouth on that? They did an amazing job. Simply perfect. You could quite literally eat off of my floors. These guys have earned my cleaning business from here on out and I will most certainly recommend them to all of my neighbours.
Caroline Forrester21/05/2020
     The only spring cleaning services I would recommend in a heartbeat. Great services every single time.
      NewElthamCarpetCleaning is a great cleaning company. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
     NewElthamCarpetCleaners offered me excellent sofa cleaning and that too on the same day on a short notice. Fantastic work, guys! Thank you for all the hard work put in by the expert sofa cleaners. I am planning to get our carpet and all upholstery cleaning done by this company again within the next three months. Superb work, highly recommended for their customer service and efficiency. Thanks once again!
Adam Keates08/05/2015
     Think my favourite service as of late has got to be NewElthamCarpetCleaners. They've been there to help me get through a fairly hectic patch lately, with a couple of children's parties and a dinner party of my own to not only prepare for, but to clean up after. The way in which they dealt with the carpet cleaning after a couple of spills was certainly a sight to behold and one which I am certainly grateful for. Thanks again, team, not sure how I could have done it without you.
Mark Reid07/01/2015
     I am always astounded at how much energy the cleaners from NewElthamCarpetCleaners put into their work! And not only are they prices which don't rob you but I would be happy to pay more for the cleaning services that they provide. They put personal touches into their work, actually care about doing a good job, and always turn up on time. I haven't come across another cleaning company like this and think that the success of their business is down to the fact that they only hire decent people to work for them. I'm happy to see my cleaners when they come and I will continue to use them!
Leigh T.23/10/2014
     I continue to be impressed by the services of the cleaner I hired through NewElthamCarpetCleaners. I basically have a regular cleaner who comes round every Wednesday and I know that when I come home everything I expect be done will be done. I have had other cleaners arrive from this same company and they too have been very much up to standard. It's obvious this is a company that trains its cleaners well and I like the fact there are also friendly and approachable. I would also suggest using this company if you often have to change plans at the last minute as I have done, because they are also very flexible I find.
Karen Hawthorn13/08/2014
     I am delighted with the job that NewElthamCarpetCleaners did on my upholstery last week. The sofa was pretty stained and I was worried that I would have to throw it out, or get it reupholstered, which I really can't afford at the moment. NewElthamCarpetCleaners made sure that all of the stains and marks were gone, and ensured that I was left with a sofa and armchairs that looked brand new! All for a price that was a lot less than buying them new, so I was very happy indeed!
Eugene Bryant31/07/2014
     Of all the cleaning companies I have had the pleasure of working with, there is only ever one who will always surprise me in a pleasant way. Every time that I've hired NewElthamCarpetCleaners to help out in some fashion around the home, they've come on board and delivered and effective and efficient service which really gets to the bottom of the problem. All of the issues are dealt with like the professionals which they really are and everything is handled in a way which you can really trust. You can tell they're experts and their work shows this.
Louise Garrison04/06/2014
     I never thought I'd be the type to hire a cleaning lady, but there you go. In fact, I sometimes have a cleaning man, what a strange new world this is! Jokes aside, I have been very impressed by the quality of service that I am getting from NewElthamCarpetCleaners every week. They have been extremely helpful in letting me manage my new work life as I need to, rather than stressing out about the housework all the time! The cleaners get on with my family and even the pets, so I couldn't really ask for much more!
Richard Stewart14/05/2014